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boundless of redness

Actualizado: 18 feb 2022

The Holidays is around the corner and red is one of the popular colors for the special occasion. I'm not a fan of red, but this season for some reason I can't get enough red lipsticks or anything red. I will share my favorites red shade for this season. My #ootd is inspire on the perfect shade of red. I wore a white cozy sweater, crop jeans and I added some red accessories to give a pop up to my outfit.

I’m really loving the hair accessories on my hair. This red headbands with a pretty knot is from h&m at $6.00, but you also can find cute ones on #amazonfashion for cheap. Hair accessories are going to be super trendy for spring and summer 2019.

You can’t go wrong with a pretty red lipstick during the holidays. One of my favorite red shade of lipsticks is from Nars (Dont Stop), It is AMAZING! When I color my lips I want something bright and long lasting, Dont Stop by Nars has that and it's fascinating. I can finally say I found the perfect shade of red for my lips #redlips.

Last, these ankle red boots made my outfit so stylish. These pair of red boots are surprisingly comfy and they are on sale right now for $12 bucks (check down below to get these cuties). This outfit has my favorite combo : Cheap, cute and comfy. Hope you guys enjoy it!!

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