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Family Christmas matching Pajamas 2020

Actualizado: 18 feb 2022


Christmas is around the corner, I know this year has been crazy, stressful and difficult year, but we are resilient, relentless and we need to celebrate every day. When the holiday season arrives, my family looks delightfully charming in matching PJs. Every year we wear matching Christmas pajamas.

As every year starts coming to an end, I start looking for different styles for our matching pajamas. I want to make sure I get pajamas that are cozy , good quality and at an affordable price. Here are some of my favorites Family Pajamas on Black Friday Specials.


These Christmas pajamas are my TOP 1 , I bought this matching set for me and my family, I love the color and the little Christmas details.

If you want to buy any pajamas set just double click each photo.



If you really want to show Christmas spirit and love red, I highly recommend these cute and adorable family matching pajamas #matchingfamilypajamas #christmasspirit #familychristmaspajamas2020


Black Friday Special

From $14.99 to $19.99



Another red matching set with a different design. Prices $18.99 to $22.99


Where are my winter blue lovers? These plaid pajamas are really comfy and great for cozying up near a fire place. #bluematchingpajamas #plaidfamilypajamasset

Black Friday Special

From $12.99 to $19.99



My kids are a huge fan of the onesies pajamas, my husband not to much. I bought similar hooded one pieces for just my kids.

Black Friday Special

From $7.99 to $19.99


If you are looking for more neutral colors but still with #christmasdetails. These pjs are cozy festive with more gray tones. I like this set because you can mix and match with white top or make the #pajamas entirely gray. Either way looks amazing.

Black Friday Special

From $7.99 to $19.99


Another neutral pajama set. Cute and cozy pajamas enhanced with red trim on the neckline and cuffs for an all-around seasonally sweet vibe. #target #matchingpajamas


If you don't want to wear red, a nice emerald green with a bit of blue might be better for Christmas.

Black Friday Sale 50%


Get your family ready for cozy celebrations with this beautiful design and color at @target


Another option is to buy the top and pants separately. You can match with any color shirt to personalize it with a name, message, or anything you want @Gap has different option and color pants.


Hope you guys like some of my Christmas pajamas selection. Happy Holidays


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