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glowy and flawless skin for winter

Actualizado: 5 ago 2019

As many of you know I just came back from a warm tropical weather to a cold snowy winter. I love winter, love the cold, love the outfit and the snow , just the first day. Lol! During winter and low humidity we are more susceptible to get our skin dry, but with a really good care and hydration we can prevent cracking skin, itching, burning sensation and occasionally bleeding.

I moved to the States around ten years ago and it took me a while to find the right products to hydrate my skin. I will share with you some tips to maintain and keep a glow perfect skin for this winter wonderland .

1. Drink plenty of water: I always, always drink a lot of water. I force myself to drink at least two liters of water. You should drink enough water everyday. Water keeps you hydrate, flush toxins and waste from you body helping your skin and brain.

If you are not drinking enough water and want to break the habit, I highly recommend the smart water bottle which helps you tracks water Intake & glows to remind you to stay hydrated.

Check the links to all the products below.


2. Exfoliate your body at least once a week. It’s important that we exfoliate dead cells away, helping our skin to get a glow look for winter. I usually exfoliate my skin once a week. These are some of my favorites and affordable body scrubs. You can find it at #walmart #target #walgreens and #amazon. I have attached some links if you are interesting to buy them.

3. Hydrate your body with moisturizer : After I take a shower I bought this amazing coconut oil, which I applied in my entire body after bath. Once I applied the oil, I let water washed it off. I being using this product for a few months now and I'm fascinating with it. I don't need to used any lotion after shower, I just use this magical oil which leaves my skin glowing and hydrated. Also, I'm a huge fan of bath bombs. They are so amazing and make my skin feels hydrated and smooth.

During the day I have been using the Mario Badescu spray, which I spray throughout the day and it give this glowing look to my face and it feels so refreshing. I carry mine in my purse, I bought the small version so I can take it with me everywhere. I like the herbs and rose water scents, It reminds me a scents of a doll of mine when I was a little girl. It's perfect to set your makeup and hydrate your face.


Soothing your face: Its really important to hydrate and soothing our face to prevent wrinkles and to improve the appearance of your pores.

I'm fascinating what #facemask can do for my face and neck, also help me relax and the sensation afterwards is amazing. My face feels so refreshing and tight. I have tried different brands but #lapcos face mask has become one of my favorite. They have many varieties to help you with your skin concerns.

I recommend some DIY facial mask such as coffee, oatmeal, honey, coconut oil, etc.


Moisturizer during day and night.

Every night I have been using my cleanse from #olay with my spin face brush. After my face is nice and clean. I applied my eye cream, vitamin C or serum and night moisturizer.

My morning routine, I follow almost the same steps, cleanse, eye cream, serum and sun screen protection along with moisturizer.

I have been using #Clinique for my skin care for a few months now. Cleanse, serum, eye cream and night moisturizer.

You may think its a lot work and a lot steps but keep in mind that we need to take care of our body. Our body is our temple. Create the habit and the time and treat yourself like the Queen you are.

Thanks Guys!


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