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Travel makeup kit essentials

Actualizado: 18 feb 2022

Last week I traveled to New York City. You cannot even imagine how stressful it is for me to travel and take a flight. I get very anxious and nervous, especially if I'm traveling by myself. I always plan to pack days in advance but somehow I always end up packing last minute. I spend only four days in NY so I didn’t need to pack a lot of things. But regardless I needed to pack well organized and make sure I have everything easy to find when I am far from house. I will share with you some tips and tricks on how to pack well organized and just the essential makeup when it comes to travel.


Some of my favorites for these cold months are the #tarte #foundation. This Foundation is so good for winter, it helps keep your face hydrate during this time of the year. For blending the foundation, my husband got me this brush? and Oh God its AMAZING, it makes my makeup routine so easy and fast. Its just perfect.


Who love powder contour? I am one of those who prefer with powder contour. Right now I’m in love with the cocoa Contour from #toofaced, it’s easy to blend and smell like cocoa. Better than sex from #Toofaced is my go to mascara, it's perfect and gives a lot of volume and fully cover all my lashes. It’s perfect when in a hurry, no fake eyelashes needed.


Smokey eyes for life! I’m obsessed with smoky and cateyes when it comes to makeup. When traveling, I always try to be practical. I chose this makeup palette which had pastel, neutral, matte and shiny. It’s the perfect eye-shadow palette for any occasion. So If you are traveling, pick an eye-shadow palette with color can be use for multiples occasions.


Last but not least these are must-have essentials, #morphe makeup brushes, face mask, blush, eyelashes, concealer, facial wipes, eye cream, night and day cream, highlight glow from #loreal, makeup remover travel sizes, lipsticks and lip gloss,


You might be wondering how am I going to fit everything in a well organized and easy-to-find way? Well , couple of years ago I got this make-up bag from #verabradley which I’m so fascinated. It fit everything so nicely and its ideal for traveling. It has save my life immensely, I highly recommend it.



Favorites cosmetics products : I've listed some of my fav cosmetics in case you want to purchase some.

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