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Valentine's Gift ideas for her

Actualizado: 18 feb 2022

It's #Valentine's week and it's time to show our love to our significant other with a little #gift. Every women wants to feel special everyday and on Valentine's Day is not the exception. Here are some affordable gift ideas for your wife, babe or girlfriend.

The bath gift set from #casadeliao helps me to create a magical and unique setting when it comes to relaxation and bath time, especially when I have a rough days after work or Friday night after a long week.

The #candles is hand-poured natural soy candle and smells AMAZING. The organic Shea butter lotion, it feels so silky smooth on my skin.

The linen freshener spray is heaven with a lemon and lavender scents with a breathtaking smell.


Over the year, I have tried a lot of makeup brushes but #morphebrush has become my favorites when it comes to do my makeup. If you are looking to improve your makeup quality these brushes are soft and so good for blending foundation, blush and eye-shadows.


Miu MIU fragrances for everyday used. Smooth scents and smells wonderful. Everytime I wear this fragrance everyone has to say something. This fragrances is perfect gift for a wife or girlfriend.


Every women love purses, bags, wallet you name it. we love them all. These cute purse is from Aldo. Love the red, the shape and especially the handle so chic and fashionable. It comes in black, beige, white and red. Many options and color to choose from.


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