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Valentine's outfit inspiration!

Actualizado: 11 feb 2019

Sexy look with Red

I'm not a big fan of red but something about #February makes me want to wear red or pink. Do you guys have the same vibes or is it just me? For V-day if you are looking for a sexy and bold look I suggest to wear something red, it can be a skirt paired with a cute top or it can be a red top paired with jeans and boots. Here are my favorites dresses for V-day or any special occasion.


Classy look with white

If you are looking for a more classy and sophisticated look, you should wear #white. What I love about white is that it can be paired with any color shoes, also if you can add a bright color lipsticks it will make you stand out.


Attractive, bold, elegant look with black

Oh gosh! Black is my favorite color to wear for birthday, romantic dinner, formal occasion and party. I believe that a black dress is essential in your closet. A #black dress can be used for any event and its so easy to match by changing accessories or shoes.


Sassy and flirty look with Animal print

Animal print has become super trendy. When I wear #animalprint I feel more confident and elegant. What I like about animal print is that it can be match with almost everything from neutral or bright colors. You can go with a sassy to casual look.


Barbie doll with pink

For #Valentinesday if you don't feel like wearing red, white, or black you can go with this options of pink. When you wear pink is shows your #feminine, #sweet and #charming look.

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